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Vanités Animales TimeCoded

It‘s About Time  - TimeCoded Paintings                                                

Gallery Slee - Stellenbosch - South Africe

6th - 11th February 2016



Serendipity and inevitability

This art exhibition opens on Valentine's Day, purely by chance, because it's not about love - according to the artist - it's about time.
True, these paintings are about time and transience, passing moments and mortality, and the inevitability of endings.
But for some of us who admire Olivier Chaulieu's work, the opening date is a perfect example of serendipity, because love is all about time, isn't it?

We value love, as we value life, because we know it is not eternal. So for us, these paintings are also about love: the possibility of love despite the inevitability of its ending. It's about love, it's about life, it's about time, indeed.

Marita van der Vyver



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